The World Indoor Snow Centre Guide

The World Indoor Snow Centre Guide , compiled by Patrick Thorne of Snow365 in conjunction with numerous industry experts, is a unique report that lists every indoor snow centre built – around 80 in the past 20 years, which includes those that have subsequently closed, and all the companies around the world that are involved in building them.  

The World Indoor Snow Centre Guide also includes details of indoor snow centres likely to be constructed over the next five years and details the biggest, widest, highest and longest slopes and the 20+ countries which now have indoor snow centres.

The World Indoor Snow Centre Guide extends to more than 220 pages and has been updated more than 50 times since the first edition in 2003.

The World Indoor Snow Centre Guide contains more than 100 images from indoor snow centres around the world.   For each indoor snow centre the Guide contains a description, opening date, slope and lift details and contact information including website and address.   Similar information is available on the companies that are involved in building indoor snow centres.

The World Indoor Snow Centre Guide is available by email as a Word document for £100 GBP (approximately €150 Euros or $200 US) or as a printed version by mail for £200 GBP (approximately €300 Euros or $400 US).   It can be delivered immediately on receipt of credit card payment if required.   Or an invoice can be issued for payment by bank transfer of check.

Purchasers are entitled to free updated editions for 12 months from purchase and free subscription to Snow365 monthly news for a year.

Sample pages have been pasted below.   To purchase please email:

Samples From Directory of All Indoor Snow Slopes Built (90 pages of the Guide)

Casablanca *

'S Gravenwezel, Antwerp


Casablanca does seem to have the best case for being the first in the world, opening with a Permasnow snow-like-gel surface in 1986, 15 years after it first opened with a conventional artificial ski matting slope.  

In common with Mt Thebarton the original 'snow' surface was not popular and it switched to a 'ProSnow' type of 'sloping ice rink' system.   However it then added an   additional snow making system, patented by the scope itself to add depth and quality to the slope.  

Apart from the slope there's a cafeteria with views over the slope, a covered terrace and a sun terrace, an indoor ballpool and outdoor playground for children.   Tennis, biking, and horse riding are also available.


Still Open

L: 100m

W: 35m

V:   25m

A: 3,000sqm

2 x handle tows

Indoor Skibaan Casablanca

Wouwerstraat 15 - 2970 's-Gravenwezel


Tel: 03-658.52.06

Fax: 03-658.68.82

Own version of Prosnow

Part of multi-sports complex.


Mecklenburgian Wittenburg


Unlike the existing German snow halls, which have been built on reclaimed industrial wasteland, SnowFunPark is located in an area of natural beauty in largely flat Northern Germany.  

The indoor slope, one of the world's largest, has been built with the support of Europe's largest ski club.  

Amongst its many attractions it   features the world's largest indoor halfpipe.

Snow Fun Park has a long, wide slope, covering 30,000 square metres, the second largest in the world.   At 330m long it is the sixth longest indoor slope in the world and the second longest in Germany.

The world's longest indoor half pipe is 130m long, 20m wide with walls 4.5m high and is able to host FIS sanctioned world cup events.   There are also be terrain features for boarders including rails and jumps.

Along with the main slope there is a second 80m (300 feet) long slope for children, beginners and special events.   The main slope has gradients of up to 31% for more advanced skiers. Uplift is provided by a quad chairlift, conveyor and drag lifts.

Original reports from when the project was first planned more than five years ago claimed the building would be 60metres (200 feet) high, potentially over-shadowing a nearby church tower dating back to 1250.   However the height is reported to have been reduced.

SnowFunPark includes the a complete Alpine village square at the base of the slope, helping to recreate the atmosphere of a ski resort.   The operators believe that the ‘Alpine experience' is a more important factor than the ‘being on snow' experience.   Somewhat ironically this recreation will include a “Bulb tower church” well as shops selling Alpine foods and products in the midst of the north German tundra.

December 8, 2006

L: 330m

W: 80m

V:   58m

A: 30,000 sqm

1 x button lifts

1 x quad chair

conveyor lifts

Snow Fun Park Wittenburg

GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG

Bei der Neuen Münze 15+17

D- 22145 Hamburg

Tel.: 040 - 679080 - 285

Fax: 040 - 679080 - 290

Contracted to use Snow Factories snowmaking.

Stand Alone Facility


Sample From Directory of Indoor Snow Slopes Proposed or Under Construction (80 pages of the Guide)




Russia will become the latest country to introduce indoor year round skiing when it's first snowdome opens on the outskirts of the city's capital, Moscow.

The new 360m slope at Krasnogorsk, just northeast of the city's limits, is being built be developers at a rumoured cost of about $100 million. Its profile is now clearly visible on the city skyline.   It will also feature a hockey museum, a hotel and full recreational facilities and is just part of a huge 1.2 million-square-meter residential district under construction on the site, just beyond the Moscow Ring Road.

"The snowdome will help to sell the apartments, of course," said Vladimir Famin, a spokesman for SU-155, told local media. "It increases the prestige of the area."   He said the company planned to bring in children from the surrounding schools when the slope was not full.

The dome is the first of three others proposed around Moscow, which has several dozen small conventional ski areas on its outskirts.

The opening of the ski hall is scheduled for December this year. Skiing enthusiasts will then have the opportunity to use a 400m long, 60m wide ski-run throughout the year. An inside temperature of -5°C will be maintained year round.   The 24,000 square metre slope will be the world's joint third longest and joint fourth by area.

Autumn   2007

L: 400m

W: 60m

V:   m

A: 24000sqm

SU-155, Joint Stock Company,

SU-155, 20А, Kahovka str., Moscow, 117461, Russia

Tel: 719-90-30,


Contracted to use Snowline snowmaking.

Project cost $100m.

Sample From Directory of Companies Involved in Indoor Snow Slope Designb, Supply and Build (30 pages of the Guide)

Unlimited Snow Indoor bv

Clients included:

Ski Dome, SnowWorld, Snow Planet, Snow Dome, Snow Village, Montana


(all NL)

Capital & Regional (Xscape Milton Keynes)

Snow World India.

Snow Dune, Latvia

MT Snow Dome, Moscow

The Arctic, Netherlands

Igloo SnowPlay, Netherlands

Own concepts and franchise:

Igloo SnowPlay

Arctic Kart

The Arctic

The Alps

P.O. Box 75835

1070 AV Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Tel. +31 20 471 4640

Fax +31 20 471 0475



Agents and cooperating partners in many countries.

Igloo SnowPlay sales agents: Input / Doppelmayr.

Special products:

Electric snowmobiles

Electric bumper cars on ice

Snow (water park) slides

R-Evelution slope

Instant dome structures

Unlimited Snow has a unique experience in winter sports, snow production, snow domes and marketing. It aims to provide best solutions for top snow and ice leisure experiences with its creations and is known for its innovative and original concepts, including its complimentary attractions. Its snow-how is based on continuous investments in research and development and on the experiences gained from many existing projects. Services range from the realisation of turnkey projects to concept development, all possible required engineering, products, systems and installations, theming and special effects to separate specialised and independent advice.

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